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How to use the Desktop Application

Getting Started

First you will need to download the the installation file from: 

Then click on the file to begin installation and follow the instructions.

When installation is complete a shortcut icon labelled DriveThru will appear on your desktop, click that to launch the application.



Once running the app will present you with a login in screen. You will not use your usual account login information but a key.



If you don’t have a key yet click on the Get Key link found above the Log In button. It will open your account settings page in a browser. Please note that if you are not already logged into your account, when the page loads you will be asked to log in before continuing.

You can always manage your App key by logging into any of our sites and going to your account settings. It will be in a section labelled Application Keys right under where you manage your name and email.

Once you have your key, click on the copy button, then go back the app login, and paste your key in and click the Log In button.

The application will begin to load your Library information. If this doesn’t appear to be happening then click Refresh Library. Please note that for larger Libraries this may take a few minutes.


Syncing and Downloading your Library

As soon as you log into the app you can begin downloading your files.

Clicking on Start Library Sync will cause the application to do a refresh to make sure the library data is up to date and then immediately begin downloading all the files that have yet to be downloaded.

If you have previously downloaded files from your My Library we recommend doing one of the following before doing a full sync.

Click on Settings and change the Output Path to the folder where the already downloaded files are. Click OK. The app will search the folder for any files it can recognize and will alert you when the search is complete.

If nothing seemed to have happened then click on Refresh Library and wait a couple of minutes for it to recognize the files.

Move the files to the folder that the Output Path is set to. Then click Refresh Library and wait for it to complete.

Once a file on your hard drive is synced in the app you can change the output path should you desire and the file will still open.

If you move a file that has been synced to a new folder and it gives you an error in the app, then you need to have the app search that folder to keep the file recognized.

When you purchase a new title after your last sync click on Refresh Library to reload your library data and the new purchase will appear with a New alert icon in the title column.

You can also click on Start Library Sync to update your library information and automatically download any new titles.

When a title has its files updated or changed the app will detect this the next time you use the Start Library Sync or Refresh Library.

Using Refresh Library will just update the library data so any titles that have changed files will now have an Update button next to the Open button. If new files have been added then the new file will appear with a download button.


What happens to updated or changed files during a Library Sync is determined by which setting your ‘If Files in the library have changed’ is on. You can find this by clicking on Settings.


  • Rename old files: during a sync the app will automatically rename the old file and download the new file, keeping both files.

  • Replace old files: during a sync the app will automatically remove the old file and download the new file during a sync

  • Always Ask: a pop up to appear asking you what you would like to do with the changed file(s). Clicking the box for Remember my choice will apply the chosen option to all changed files. Rename and Replace work the same as above, while Do not update will leave the old file alone and not download the new one.




Customizing and Settings

Archiving Titles

If there is a title that you do not want the app to manage just archive that title in your My LIbrary on the website and it will no longer appear in the app. If you change your mind just un-archive the title and it will appear in your next refresh of the library data.


The library list in the app can by sorted by clicking on one of the following headers: Title, Publisher, Rule System. They can sort in ascending (A to Z) or descending order (Z to A).

After clicking a header to sort by a white triangle will appear to the left of the header text and indicates which way it is sorting. Pointing up is ascending and pointing down is descending.


Show or Hide Thumbnails, Publishers and Rule System sections

You can choose if you would like to have the app show or hide the thumbnails, publishers and the rule system for a title. On the right most end of the header is a small box with three lines. Click this box and it will open a small menu that has Thumbnails, Publishers and Rule system listed with checkboxes. If the box is checked that section will be shown in the app, however if there is no check then that section will be hidden.


File Save Location

At any time you can change the location that the app will save the files it downloads. Changing this location will not affect already synced files - they will still be able to be opened.

To change the download location click on Settings. At the very top will be Output Path and a box that will have the folder location. Then either click on the three dots on the right side to choose the new folder or manually type in the folder location. Then click on ok. The app will now download to that folder. Please note to make sure your folder is not set to read only.



Multiple File Download Options

You can also control how many files at a time the app will try and download. To change this click on Settings then go to Simultaneous downloads. Then pick one of the numbers in the drop down and click ok.



Checking for App Updates

There are two ways you can check when we release an updated version of the app.

Have it check automatically whenever you start the app or manually click the check for update link. If there is an update for the app then you will get a window asking if you would like to update the app.

To enable the automatic setting or to find the link to do it manually, click on Settings then go to Update. If the box is checked next to Check update availability at start up then the app will check automatically each time it is launched. If unchecked then you will have to click the link.


Other Settings

Enable Logging - when the box is check the app will create a log file of its activity. Highly recommended to keep this checked as the staff will use this log to troubleshoot problems and errors when they occur.

Show Delete Confirmation - when the box is checked the app will always ask for confirmation to delete a file when you click on the delete icon.

Log Out - if clicked this will log your key out of the app. Your library information will remain but when you launch the app again you will have to login using your key.


Any time you make changes to your settings be sure to click the Ok button as it will save the changes and close the Settings window

Clicking on the Cancel button will close the Settings window but any changes made will not be saved.


UI Reference Guide

  1. Tabs

    • All - Will show all titles that you have digital purchases for

    • Downloaded - Will only show title you have downloaded files for

  2. Refresh Library - Click to reload library data to most current information. Does not download files.

  3. Start Library Sync - Click to begin syncing information and then download filesClick again to stop any active sync.

  4. Settings - Click to open the Settings menu to manage file download location (Output Path), how many files to download at a time, file and app update preferences, logging and and file deletions preferences.

  5. Select Title - Clicking the box will select that particular title, then clicking on Sync selected the app will only download the titles that have been selected. Clicking Select All will select all the titles in your library, click the Unselect All (where the Select All button was) to undo the select all.

  6. Search - Will filter to show titles containing the word or words typed in box if they can be found in the in title, publisher, or rule system

  7. Header Sections - Clicking on Title, Publisher or Rule System will sort your titles by the information in that section.

  8. Show/Hide Header Sections Menu - Click to show a small menu that you select to show or hide the Thumbnails, Publisher or Rule System sections in the app.

  9. Download All Button - If a title has more than one file this button will appear above the the others and when clicked it will trigger all files to begin downloading.

  10. Download Button - Clicking will cause the application to download that file.

  11. Open Button - Clicking will cause the synced file to open in your prefered viewer for that file type.

  12. Delete File Button - Clicking will cause the app to delete the file and bring back a download button.

  13.  - Error alert that will appear when the app ran into an issue when trying to download a file. Click to see what error it is.

  14. Retry Button - Replaces the download button if the app ran into an error with the file. Clicking will cause the app to try and download the file again

  15. Update Button - Will appear after a Refresh or Sync when a title has had its files changed or updated by the publisher. Click to download the new file.

  16. About - Clicking opens a small window that shows your application version, links to our social media, and link to the app file page.

  17. Status Message - Gives the status of the app when refreshing or syncing (when a refresh has finished, or how many files are left to download)


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